People Vs Brad Holmes

The People vs. Brad Holmes DVD

on Chainsaw Productions, this extreme ski comedy features Brad Holmes and Sado-Nation's song *On The Wall* written by David Corboy with vocals by Mish Bondage.  

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NW Passages

Northwest Passages

Portland, Oregon's Complete Birth of Punk Rock is chronicled in vintage video footage and new interviews with the people who created the first punk rock events in Portland. This new DVD movie is 88 minutes of color footage. Bands include Wipers, Neo Boys, Dead Kennedys, Poison Idea, Sadonation, Smegma, The Rats (Fred and Tudy Cole of Dead Moon), the Bags and the Styphnoids. The filmmaker, Mike Lastra, was a professional video cameraman back in 1978 when he recorded these events.

About the film: During the late 70's and early 80's the Pacific Northwest witnessed a surge of idiosyncratic creativity that, for a time, banished the slack-jawed mentality of mainstream music and art to the shabby bargain basement of the cultural wasteland. Countless young men and women turned their backs on the hollow blather generated in corporate boardrooms, producing their own music and art with rebellious glee. NORTHWEST PASSAGE: THE BIRTH OF PORTLAND'S DIY CULTURE is an independent film that examines the exiting alternative music movement in Portland, Oregon from 1978 to 1983. Directed and produced by Mike Lastra, NORTHWEST PASSAGE: THE BIRTH OF PORTLAND'S DIY CULTURE is a narrative told by musicians and artists via interviews photographs and vintage news clips."

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