Mish Bondage - Recent Years


After several west coast tours and recording for three of he Mystic Compilations, Mish moved down to Los Angeles in 1984.  She wanted to pursue her singing career and expand her experiences in the world of music.  She lived the murky life of a true rebel punk rocker and artist.

She worked at Mystic Studios with Doug Moody and played with some of the other members of mystic bands including some recording sessions with El Duce.  Eventually with the death of her father she returned to Portland, where she walked away from the scene for several years to complete two college degrees, as a single mom.

During this period she did not play in bands, but continued to write.  After completing college, she returned to the world of music until she was re-united with her writing partner, David Corboy to perform for a Northwest Legends of Punk Rock show.

In 1995, Mish was recruited to sing and write for Girlie Crum, a band which included members of the Frances Farmer Gals and Catholic School Girls and legendary guitarist and good friend, Tom Pig (RIP dear friend).  After a year and a half with this band, a gig with Turbo Negro and a small tour with the White Trash Debutantes, the band disbanded.


In 1998, Mish was approached by Ginger Coyote from White Trash Debutantes to submit material for a benefit compilation which was done in honor of Danielle Steele's Bipolar son, Nick Traina, who played in bands in LA.

The album ended up being released by HEAR, an organization which educates musicians about hearing loss issues, in 2000.  Sado's song Cut had been dropped from the final pressing - the reason given was that they weren't actively playing at the time.

Mish and David Corboy began to talk about reuniting Sado-Nation as interest began to stir internationally in their music.  Corboy was approached to headline a Legends of Portland Punk show in January of 2001.  As more interest perked about Sado-Nation's activities, Mish and Corboy began to work on releasing both new and older material.

They are presently preparing to record another LP under the name Sado-Nation.  The project will be released on Destroy All Records.

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Mish Bondage - Recent Years

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