Mish Bondage - Early Years

Mish hit the world hard, cold and angry.  She was born in the back seat of her parents' Volvo in the middle of an ice storm.  As a child, she grew up with a brother who played guitar in bands.  Her brother, Matt, started playing guitar at age nine, and as a child, she would religiously sit through his band rehearsals, taking it all in. 

It was during high school that Mish met some people from the local punk scene and ended up at local shows.  Her first shows were at The Long Goodbye, Urban Noize, Euphoria and Clockwork Joes, where she saw the Styphnoids, The Neo Boys and The Wipers, as well as Sado-Nation.  Sado-Nation and the Wipers were a big influence to the young Mish.. She finished school a year early by taking college and night classes, so she could get out on her own faster and moved downtown to be closer to the scene.

She and Suzy Quaalude, Amy Nitrate, Leesa Nation and Angie formed The Braphsmears in 1980.  Mish played bass for half the set and sang for half.  It was the first time she would play or sing in a band.

The Braphsmears played at The Long Goodbye until they were told they were too young to play there, (all being between 16 and 19).  The bandmates proceeded to get fake IDs so they could continue playing in the over 21 clubs.  The girls were either worshipped or hated - many a pitcher of beer or ashtray was flung at them while they played.

Mark Sten opened up a club called Clockwork Joes, Mish lived in the club in the Braphsmears' practice space.  Since it was just a small closet, the girls rehearsed in Sado-Nation's space, and Mish worked the club.  The night Clockwork Joes opened they put together a house band called the Soul Joes, Mish sang songs by the Supremes and Paul Revere with this house band.

Sado in SF 1983

Mish Bondage became the third and final singer for Sado-Nation in 1982.  She is an important lyricist for the band.  Her powerful stage presence thrills and frightens audiences - male and female alike.

She was recruited from the all female band, The Braphsmears, where she wrote songs, played bass and sang.  Prior to Mish joining, Corboy had been the main writing force for Sado-Nation.  Mish now contributed to his compositions with her poetic musings.  Mish Bondage is still a powerful singer and performer - her stage presence is commanding.

She was known for her prowling movements across the stage as she spat out lyrics.  She would on occasion leap off the stage and into the slamming crowd.  The audience loved to watch her work.

She was named female vocalist of the year by Flipside magazine 1984.

1983 NW Service Center

Recent Years

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Mish Bondage - Early Years

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