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The year 1977 saw the Sex Pistols break onto the scene.  A small group of individuals had been waiting for an event such as this to happen.  A few bands quickly picked up on the energy and angst that the Pistols had exibited in their music.  This was the birth of the Punk Rock scene in Portland, Oregon.  It was also the year Corboy graduated from art school.

Mark Sten, John Shirley and a few others began putting shows on around town.  It was at one of these shows that Corboy saw Shirley perform .  It was the band Terror Wrist.  This band broke up and John started a group called, The Monitors.  Shirley and Corboy both worked for the Oregonian, Portland's daily newspaper.  Corboy approached John at work one day and inquired if he would be interested in hearing some songs that Corboy had written.  The two set a time to play.  Mark Sten was invited to play the drums for this jam, and Dave Propp to do the bass parts.

Dave Corboy

After the informal get together, Sten wanted to know if Corboy and Shirley would be working together.  Shirley and Corboy agreed that they should.  Sten asked if there was a name for the band.  Corboy said he wanted to call the new group Sado-Nation.

Sado-Nation had become an offical band when John Shirley, Dave Propp, Mark Sten and Corboy began to rehearse songs for a performance.  It was Winter of 1978. 

Sado-Nation had a total of three singers, four bass players, and three drummers.  The band was most stable between the years 1980 - 1984.  This was the period with vocalist Mish Bondage, Propp and Steve Casmano on bass, Chuck Arjavac playing drums, and Corboy doing the guitar work.

The Long Goodbye

In 1984, Corboy started to play guitar for the Pre-Psyco-billy band, The Jackals.  Sado-Nation was up and running, but members of the band wanted to expand.  Sado-Nation broke up under the pressure.  Corboy then devoted all his time as a player for The Jackals.

The Jackals 1984 - 1990.  Louie Samora, Steve Casmano (Sado's bassist), Robert Parker (drummer for the punk band, Lockjaw) and Corboy made up the members of The Jackals.  Corboy recorded two LPs, and a compilation LP with the band.  The Jackals had an extensive history and carved out a unique place in the history of "underground" rock.  This band was very popular and did many tours.  It has been noted that the Jackals are in part responsible for the resurgence of rock-a-billy music during the 80's and early 90's.

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Dave Corboy - Recent Years

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