Dave Corboy - Middle Years

Unit II was unlike any band in the bay area at that time.  The Music was heavy on the guitar work inspired by Jimi Hendrix, and the image of the band was Border line Glam.  The band played fast, and the songs where short.  After being kicked out of all the major clubs in the bay area, the group decided to tour the US, wanting to end up in Boston, where a healthy music scene was flourishing. 

Unit II picked up one day with no shows booked and drove off to rock the US.  In Denver, the band ran out of money and gigs to move them along.  After a month stuck there they decided to go back to the bay area and replenish the gear that was falling apart, due to the wear and tear of the road.

Unit II

An unfortunate turn of events occured when Steve decided to leave the band and the music scene.  He returned years later to play with Corboy again.

During the years of '73 through '77, Corboy did not play in any bands.  He was pursueing his interest in art, and attending school.  He had developed an interest in painting when he was in grade school. 

Music had turned into a corporate nightmare during the 70's .  Disco had turned the masses into weak sheep.  Rock had retreated to the underground and was barely visible.  The loss of rock to a commercial machine was bothersome, but not debilatating to Corboy.  While the years in art school passed, Corboy had been writing songs.  These songs would become the basic ground work for a new band which was to emerge out of the Portland underground scene.

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Dave Corboy - Middle Years

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