Dave Corboy - Early Years

In 1958, David Corboy was given guitar lessons as a gift, he started playing at age nine.  He continued lessons for three years.  The studio where the lessons were given formed a band called the The Marvelaires.  Standard songs from the 1920 through the 1950 made up their song list.  The band played at fashion shows and similar functions.  This band lasted for two years.

In 1963, he formed his first Rock-n-Roll band, an instrumental band, which lasted for a year and a half.  In 1964, Dave became the rhythm guitarist for the band, The Avengers.  They were a cover band which performed Beatles, Rolling Stones, and other English "invasion" type bands.  The group had a large following, and played for many high school and dance hall functions.

In the early portion of 1965, a new band was started by David and his brother Roger Corboy, who played drums.  Members of that band where made up of high school friends Tom Chitwood and Dan Chitwood.  This band became known as the Differentiated Concepts, when Steve Lind was recruted to play bass.  For two years the Concepts became well known on the high school dance circuit.

Differentiated Concepts

In the year 1967 a band was formed called the Road Runners, members of this group would go on to form the funk and soul band; Tower of Power, as a guitarist for the Road Runners, Corboy, was exposed to soul music's rhythms and diverse audience.  He left this band to expolore music that was based on a more solid guitar foundation, which was to play guitar Rock-N-Roll.

1967 was also the year Roger Corboy was asked to play in the band, The Just Six.  An extremely popular contempory rock band through-out the San Francisco Bay Area.  David was asked to sing for the group, while, Roger played drums.  This band was very professional and played many sold-out shows.  They signed a recording contract with the New York record label, MTA Records.  A 45 rpm record was released in the spring of 1968 and became a chart climber for the band.  At the height of the band's popularity they appeared on the Dick Clark television production Happening '68, a teen music showcase.  Management problems led to the collapse of the band.

During 1970, Corboy was asked to join the blues-rock band El Peters, as vocalist.  This was a band of quality players.  The blues, as this band played them, was based on the Chicago style.  It was during this year that Corboy met Juan Maciel and Larry Weight.  El Peters and Juan's band, Pinky Lee, shared a bill at a San Jose club called Strawberry Fields.  Corboy was intrigued by Juan's guitar playing and asked to sing a song with the band.  A few weeks later, Juan called and asked Corboy to be the front man for the group.  A new name was given and a new bass player added.  The new name was Unit II, the bass player was Steve Lind.

Unit II

Middle Years

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Dave Corboy - Early Years

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