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In the year 1977 David Corboy decided to start a new band he wanted to call Sado-Nation.

The sadistic nature of the nation's leaders, and the people who let themselves be guided into a soul-less commercial society, was the inspiration for this new band's name.

The music would reflect the disgust Corboy felt for these people and their greed driven culture.

In 1978 Sado-Nation was formed in Portland, Oregon.  This was in the beginning of Portland's punk rock scene.

SadoNation's driving force are co-writers, founder David Corboy and vocalist/lyricist Mish Bondage.

To book SadoNation please email us at sado (at) sado-nation (dot) com.

More information about the individual members of the band can be found in the Band Bios section.

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Portland, Oregon

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